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Coke as Cleaning Agent Essay

Trademark Facts Coke is known for being the most recognized trademark in all of the world, boasting a near 94% brand recognition by the world’s population. One contributing factor to this statistic is a long-term partnership with the Olympics. This partnership began at the 1928 Summer Olympics in Amsterdam. In 1983, Diet Coke was launched in Australia and within 12 months became the number two soft drink of choice in the country, after Coke. Coke also boasts over 500 brands and more then 1,200 bottling plants in various parts of the world. Sponsored Links Industrial Hand Cleaner Antibacterial, Protective Hand Soap Multi-purpose Ind. Hand Solutions Consumer Facts According to, it is estimated that nearly 10,450 soft drinks from Coca-Cola are consumed every second of every day. Ten bottles of Coke on average were consumed during the first year that Coke was distributed. In 2009, it is estimated that more than one billion servings are consumed every single day. Cooking Agent Facts Coke can also be used in different cooking situations. Many people will pour a whole can of Coke into a baking pan and then wrap up the ham or other meat of choice in aluminum foil. They will then bake the ham while it is resting in the pan filled with Coke. It is said to produce a very moist ham once it is all done. Cleaning Agent Facts Surprisingly, Coke can be a great cleaning agent as well. It can be used to clean corrosion off of car battery terminals, to loosen a rusty bolt or help to remove film off of your car windshield. One of the most bizarre uses for Coke is to use it as a cleaning agent for the toilet. Supposedly, you can pour a can of Coke into the toilet, let it sit for several minutes, and then flush the toilet. The result: a clean and functional toilet. Read more: Facts About Coke |

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Analysis of the sociological imagination and its use in...

Sociological Imagnation The sociological imagination is the ability to look at the everyday world and understand how it operates in order to make sense of their lives. It is a state of mind, which enables us to think critically about and understand the society in which we live, and our place in that world as individuals and as a whole. C. Wright Mills, first wrote of the concept in 1959. His understanding of it being that it was a quest for sociological understanding involving a form of consciousness for understanding social processes. It is a way for a person to look at their life as a result of their interaction with society. It can explain why a life is lived the way it is and all events, decisions, successes, and failures that†¦show more content†¦It is a matter that is of importance to the individual but does not bare great importance to the wider community, such as losing your job. Public issues however, have a much wider bearing and is of greater importance to the majority of the public, suc h as wide spread unemployment. In order to determine what constitutes major issues for the public and troubles for individuals there must be knowledge of what values are held within a particular society and wether or not they are under threat. Private troubles are essentially part of the larger social issues. In 1888 the consensus was that suicide was a private act that lacked social approval. At the time suicide was largely considered to be a nervous disorder derived from a weak physiological disposition. Still today, when someone commits suicide the question is what was wrong with them? rather than what lead them to be in such a state? The first question suggests that it is a personal trouble, something that the individual failed to cope with. The second question suggests that there were institutional or social pressures that lead to suicide. In the 19th century Durkheim examined suicide rates records in and around France and found that some people were more likely than others to commit suicide. He found that men, Protestants, wealthy people, and unmarried people had higher suicide rates . This suggests suicide was not limited to a smallShow MoreRelatedA Study Of Human Social Relationships And Organisations Essay1691 Words   |  7 Pagesview of 3 leading sociological thinkers and to c onclude my essay I will discuss brieftly my personal prepective from carring out my research for this topic. The department of Sociology Unc (2016) indicates sociology is the study of human social relationships and organisations. Sociology can range from crime to religion it is a very diverse subject. It refers to the family to the state, diversity of race and social class to the beliefs in common cultures. The study of sociology is to understand howRead MoreSociology, Race, And Social Classes1154 Words   |  5 PagesArielis Gonzalez SOCI 110 March 8, 2017 Sociology Sociology is the study of diverse subjects in a society which includes: religion, race culture, and social classes. It also involves the study of the behavior of people and all the changes that happen in society. In each social setting, there are shared beliefs which also change through time. Sociology informs us of the making of policies which tend to improve the lives of people in a setting. It provides distinct perspectives to generate new ideasRead MoreSociology : A Very Good Understanding Of Sociology955 Words   |  4 Pages Prior to this class, I thought that I had a fairly good understanding of sociology. I have since learned and realized how encompassing socially is and how important it can be. Sociology is defined as the study of human social relationships and institutions. It ranges from crime to religion, racial issues and social class, and so on. The purpose of sociology is to understand how actions and consciousness are both shaped and shape cultural and social struct ures. Sociologists dedicate their livesRead MoreBriefly Outline the Distinctive Features of the Sociological Approach to Understanding Human Life and the Illustrate How You Would Use Sociology to Make Sense of Globalisation.1554 Words   |  7 PagesSociology is the systematic, sceptical and critical study of the way that people do things together .It’s not a science that simply lists facts and figures about society. Instead it becomes a form of consciousness, a way of thinking, a critical way of seeing the world. It welcomes you to challenge the obvious, to question the world as it is taken for granted and to de-familiarising the familiar. This is what empowers critical thinking which triggers the development of the understanding of the humanRead MoreSociological Theories2211 Words   |  9 Pages------------------------------------------------- SOC. 480, Sociological Theories Spring 2011 Lacy V. Wood ------------------------------------------------- SOC. 480, Sociological Theories Spring 2011 Taking It Big Charles Wright Mills is most commonly known for his theory of the sociological imagination. Through both the acknowledgement of biography and history within the context of sociology, his analysis was able to determine an interesting perspective that tied religion, the end of history, and sociology without society into ourRead MoreWhat is Sociology?1169 Words   |  5 Pages . Introduction Sociology is described by Layder (2006, p.1) as being â€Å"How the encounters of everyday life and individual behaviour influence, and are influenced by, the wider social environment in which we live† Bauman May (2001. p.1) describe a visual image of the output of sociology, as being a â€Å"collection of books in a library†. The discussion within this collection broadly follows main concepts and perspectives, with many authors, but also of key peer tested Authors. I will initiallyRead MoreSociology WA11747 Words   |  7 Pagesindividual, social order, and social change? Your textbook analyzes sports in terms of various perspectives. Using the analysis of sports as a model, analyze the role of television from the functional, conflict, and interactionist approaches. The approach one takes to study a particular subject is called a perspective. There are many subjects to be studied and discussed in the field of Sociology. Perspectives name different ways in which different people choose to analyze a subject, and how they look at aRead MoreMani Kallupurackal. Midterm Sociology Essay. When I Was1117 Words   |  5 PagesMani Kallupurackal Midterm Sociology Essay When I was seven years old, I emigrated from India to the United States. Coming to the states, I experienced a culture shock due to the different types of people, customs, and education system. The first time I stepped in the states, I saw people from all different nationalities, races, and ethnicities; a whole different type of world that was inconceivable when I lived in India. An eventful part of my life was transitioning from the school system in IndiaRead MoreThe Sociological Imagination And Me Essay1343 Words   |  6 PagesThe Sociological Imagination and Me Charles Wright Mills was a writer, a researcher, a teacher, a scholar and a well known sociologist. He was the author of the 1959 book, The Sociological Imagination. This book was poorly received by the sociological community at first, but it is one of the most widely read sociological texts today. The Sociological Imagination and Mills’ other works have had an immense impact on sociology, as he influenced many other scholars and the â€Å"New Left† movement of theRead MoreHow Sociological Imagination Has Developed Over The Course Of The Academic Year2446 Words   |  10 Pagesillustrate how my sociological imagination has developed over the course of the academic year, drawing upon a number of pieces of work to demonstrate this. I will use these pieces of work to demonstrate how the sociological imagination has played a role in understanding the pieces of work themselves and finally, I will bring each piece of work together in order to substantiate the development of my sociological imagination. Foremost, it is important to understand the term ‘sociological imagination’. The sociological

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Essay on Trends in the Hospitality Indus - 1441 Words

Trends in the Hospitality Industry Nowadays trends are everywhere. You can find them in every industry and they play a huge role. The retro trend in clothing, the SUV trend in the car industry, but nowhere else are trends more important than in the hospitality industry. But what exactly is a trend? A trend describes usually the time measurable course of a development into a certain quantitative and/or qualitative direction. In economics, trends are changes of the behavior of the society. In marketing research this describes the change and development of the consumerism and consumption behavior. In old days it was okay for a hotel to have only rooms and a restaurant. Today a hotel has to have a recreation centre, a beauty farm, a shopping†¦show more content†¦The hotels are preparing themselfes for that. Staff which speaks all kinds of languages, the guests can have food from their home country and they can even watch their favotite TV channels. The amount of international trips raised about 2%. A lot of business travellers want to stay in well known hotels like Mariott or Hilton. Only 16% want to stay in individual hotels. So for the industry it is important to have a very good reputation. Of course the people try to get the best price for a room and most hotels have company rates which are below the normal rack rate. Also important for a booking is the location of the hotel and the bonus programs. For 26% of the guests Airline milage is important. So the hotels have to work with airline companies and they want special conditons as well. Because of the fast going world today the guests have no time to wait long for the check-in or check-out procedures. They expect Express service. Also 68% want complimentary transportation to the airport. The Opryland Hotel Convention Center in Nashville, Tennessee, developed a system to avoid long check-in or check-out times. You can check-in or out via credit card. The system checks the data and the credit range and the guest is checked-in in seconds. 2. Shifting consumption pattern American business travellers take more and more their kids on the trips. In 1995 out of the 193.2 million business tripsShow MoreRelatedWork Style Survey On Decision Making Essay1453 Words   |  6 Pagesfirst work after dinner 1-100 1-firstly only work 100-firstly only dinner 11) How do you prefer to talk about problems 1-100 REFERENCES 1. 2.Gavrilenko OV Russian Business Culture: Trends // Bulletin of Moscow University. Series 18. Sociology and Political Science. â„â€"1, 2011. 3.M. Weber, The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism. - M .: Progress, 1991, 4.Buryshkin PA Moscow merchant. - M .: Capital, 1990, 5.Gesteland RRead MoreAngel Investing: a Case Study of Indian Angel Network2219 Words   |  9 Pagesyear period through a strategic sale. The Network may consider investments over a million dollars but is only likely to do so through syndication. The Network has invested in multiple sectors like Information Technology, Intellectual Property, Hospitality, Mobile, Education, Internet, etc. Partnership with other organizations Indian Angel Network seeks to build partnership with organizations geared to play a vital role in building the entrepreneurial ecosystems in India. Along with its partnersRead MoreCompass Box3905 Words   |  16 Pagesproduct are already there in the Singapore market so the main emphasis will be on increasing the market share. 3.1.1 Target Market: The target market for Compass Box will be Hotels ( The Ritz-Carlton, The Raffles Hotel, The Fullerton etc.) Hospitality, Lifestyle and FB providers (Emerald Hill Group Pte Ltd, Imaginings Pte Ltd, The IndoChine Group etc.) Pubs, Discotheques, Bars Market Demographics: Geographic Unlike any other country, Singapore is small, with the total populationRead MoreProject Report of Tata Motor4536 Words   |  19 Pagesalleyways of this fascinating town. There are walls within walls, attractive gateways, old palaces with intricately carved wooden pavilions, and striking, brightly decorated Hindu temples. And more often than not, youll run into the unfaltering hospitality that perfectly describes the people of Bhuj. Infrastructure: Quaint as it might look, Bhuj is a fully developed city that has all the necessary amenities for a comfortable life. Theres among the most advanced hospitals. Convent schoolsRead MoreStrategic Analysis of Sabmiller16447 Words   |  66 Pagesinterest in the resolution of social and human rights problems within South Africa. Many foreign-owned companies, which faced fewer restrictions on divestment, sold their South African subsidiaries and closed their offices in South Africa. This trend made acquisitions by South African companies easier. SAB had taken over control of Amalgamated Beverage Industries Ltd., a Coca-Cola bottler, from the Coca-Cola Company in 1977, and later added several clothing retailers, including Scotts Stores (acquiredRead MoreStrategic Analysis of Sabmiller16462 Words   |  66 Pagescrucial interest in the resolution of social and human rights problems within South Africa. Many foreign-owned companies, which faced fewer restrictions on divestment, sold their South African subsidiaries and closed their offices in South Africa. This trend made acquisitions by South African companies easier. SAB had taken over control of Amalgamated Beverage Industries Ltd., a Coca-Cola bottler, from the Coca-Cola Company in 1977, and later added several clothing retailers, including Scotts Stores (acquiredRead MoreI Love Reading Essay69689 Words   |  279 Pagesopportunities offered by complex and economy coupled with interconnected global networks are also relevant. The ability to ‘adapt the ‘unshackling of to changing market conditions and anticipate future technologies indigenous enterprise’, and economic trends’20 and leverage across a large number of markets have contributed to making provides ‘opportunities for exploiting economies of scale.’21 As such, India a ‘fertile ground’ for comparative knowledge leverage at lower costs would play a key role EntrepreneurshipRead MoreOne Significant Change That Has Occurred in the World Between 1900 and 2005. Explain the Impact This Change Has Made on Our Lives and Why It Is an Important Change.163893 Words   |  656 Pagesold and new millennia, represented both a return to trends reminiscent of the opening decades of the twentieth century and a major break from the prevailing dynamics of the cold war. In addition to the problems posed for conceptualizing the twentieth century as a discrete era of world history due to overlap with the preceding period and disconcertingly radical shifts in the course of global development in the 1900s, contradictory forces and trends, which perhaps more than any other attribute distinguish

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How Mark Twain Influenced American Literature - 1641 Words

How Mark Twain Influenced American Literature When you think of the start of American Literature, what comes to your mind? Authors such as Walt Whitman, Ernest Hemmingway, Emily Dickinson, Charles Dickens, and Mark Twain stick out in our minds. They were the face of post-civil war and social realism poetry. Today we will take a closer look at Mark Twain, who was also known as the â€Å"Father† of American Literature. His work has survived more than 100 years after his death. Mark Twain was born in 1835, as Samuel Clemens in the town of Florida, Missouri. He was the youngest out of 6 children born to John and Jane Clemens. He grew up knowing the hardships of being poor. At times, his family struggled with being able to put food on the†¦show more content†¦The Civil War in 1861 shattered his dream job. He was no longer allowed to be a pilot because of the war. Instead of flying, he joined the war. This was also short-lived for him. It lasted for about only 2 weeks. It seemed that his dreams were dying out fast. He next decided to travel out West. Where he worked for another local Newspaper. He developed the alter ego name â€Å"Mark Twain† during this time. In 1869, Mark Twain wrote and published his first book â€Å"The Innocents Abroad†. Sam married his soulmate, Olivia in 1870. They moved to Hartford, Connecticut in 1871 and started a family. The story â€Å"Roughing It† was published in 1872 and the following year â€Å"The Gilded Age†, which was a story about politics and the corrupt people involved, was published. The money was fruitful from these books. His family and himself stayed in Hartford for the next 17 years. Well-known stories such as â€Å"The Adventures of Huck Finn†, â€Å"Adventures of Huckleberry Finn†, â€Å"Life on the Mississippi†, â€Å"The Prince and the Pauper†, and â€Å"Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court† got their first start here. In 1891, they were forced to move to Europe due to bankruptcy from Samuel’s enjoyment of investing into failing inventions. Shortly after, one of their daughters died from illness, and Samuel once again witnessed more death. In the 1900’s, his writings became more depressing. They focused on failing humanity. Whether he started toShow MoreRelatedAnalysis Of Mark Twain s Works Made A Huge Impact On Readers And Literary Critics1288 Words   |  6 Pages2/ 26/17 P:2 Outline Mark Twain’s works made a huge impact on readers and literary critics. His writing occurred during both the romantic and realist time eras in American Literature. He has simple, seemingly artless narrators and an understated style leads readers to arrive at the social commentary of his narratives on their own. Mark Twain’s writing influenced society because he created a new perspective on life with the views pointed out in his books. The distinctive trait of Twain s was his senseRead MoreHuckleberry Finn American Literature Essay1373 Words   |  6 Pages American literature is a piece literary of work during and after the formation of the United States that is not only written by American authors, but is influenced and reflects on the nation’s past and truths (good or bad), values, ideology, or traditions. A prime example of American literature is Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain. He exposes and reflects on the truth about slavery and racism during the 1870s, proves how Huck s view has been formed society, includes American characteristicsRead MoreMark Twain- American Author664 Words   |  3 PagesSome of the most riveting books in not just American literature but in all of history, was written by this famous author. Twain, an American writer, is one of the major authors of American fiction. Also, he is considered the greatest humorist in American literature (Alan Gribben, np). Mark Twain was influenced by the society’s conditions he lived in, hence the incorporation of much of it in his writing. Growing up in the 1870s, Twain’s society was much different than growing up now. He grew up duringRead MoreThe Revolutionary Novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain1533 Words   |  6 Pages Mark Twain’s novel, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, is one of the most controversial pieces of American literature; loved by many but detested as well. It is arguably one of the most important bildungsroman, and one of the first modern pieces of literature. The novel addresses issues such as slavery, racism, religion, and social consciousness, in a way that no one could write about it, except Mark Twain. Not only does it address these issues, it also satirizes them, which is what makesRead MoreExamples Of Hypocrisy In The Adventures Of Huck Finn1542 Words   |  7 PagesHow has man’s inhumanity towards man shaped society? Man’s inhumanity towards man has played a profound role in humans throughout history. Mark Twain’s The Adventur es of Huck Finn is an example of him using satire to reach his readers denouncing slavery and religious hypocrisy giving examples of man’s inhumanity towards man. His main objective in using satire in Huck Finn was to protest the evil practices that were so frequent in the Frontier. By using satire this made it more appealing and enjoyableRead MoreThe Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn By Mark Twain1130 Words   |  5 Pages Mark Twain, a realistic writer, explores the ideas of ordinary people and freedom in his novel, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. The Civil War and the Industrialization of America were historic to the rise of the realistic period, and contributed to the shaping of it. The authors developed the period with an emphasis on regionalism, transparent language, and character. Common themes of racism, class, and freedom emerge during realism. Mark Twain s novel demonstrates the subjects of racism andRead MoreEssay on A Brief Biography of Mark Twain1322 Words    |  6 Pageswas born on November 30, 1835. Clemons grew up in a town called Hannibal, Missouri. Here Sam Clemens saw an array of different type of people pass through his town. People such as: gamblers, entertainers, thieves, and even slave traders that influenced his childhood memories. We see traces of his rugged hometown deeply embedded with southern tradition. Clemens was known as a mischievous boy that smoked, led of crew of pranksters, and often played hooky from school. At the age of twelve ClemensRead MoreThe Man Known as Mark Twain1188 Words   |  5 PagesMark Twain The man known as Mark Twain was born Samuel Clemens in Florida, Missouri on April 30, 1835. Samuel Langhorne Clemens was welcomed into the world as the sixth child of John Marshall and Jane Lampton Clemens. Little did they know their son (as Mark Twain) would be one of Americas most famous literary icons. Samuel got the name Mark Twain from the current of the river. He loved the rivers and everything about it. Mark Twains writing style was heavily influenced by the people and areaRead MoreFor Many Years, Romanticism Dominated English Literature,1294 Words   |  6 Pagesyears, Romanticism dominated English literature, and consequently American literature, as American writers were heavily influenced by the English. Writers like Poe and Hawthorne were leaders in this form of literature. As thinking changed scientifically, philosophically and spiritually, so did literature. Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn showed American culture in a way it had never been shown, and in doing so became arguably the most famous piece of realist literature. His novel exemplifies the rejectionRead MoreEssay on Ethnic Literature959 Words   |  4 PagesAmerican Literature Paper Randy Hale University of Phoenix ENG.301 American Ethic Literature Michael Cromwell December 24, 2012 American Ethic Literature Paper What makes American literature American? American literature is just that American literature. American literature is stories of people lives that are based on American standards. Early American standards where based around slavery and oppression but now they are based on freedoms like freedom of speech and press. America has

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The Sea free essay sample

The main idea of The Sea by James Reeves is that the sea is similar to a dog in so many ways. They both share similar characteristics and behaviour. In fact, one can look at this poem as one long metaphor, mainly focusing on the similarity between the sea and the dog. The very first line of the first stanza spells out the metaphor quite clearly: â€Å"The sea is a hungry dog†. Moreover, the rest of the poem reinforces this idea by frequently referring to a dog’s physionomy: teeth, jaws, gnaws, bones, paws, sounds (howls, snores, licking, moans), and movement (rolls, bounds to his feet, shaking his wet sides). In the first stanza, the angry sea is described as a hungry dog who is gnawing at a bone. In fact, in this poem the sea is continuously described in terms of dog imagery: â€Å"clashing teeth and shaggy jaws†, â€Å"he gnaws†, â€Å"bones†, â€Å"licking his greasy paws†. We will write a custom essay sample on The Sea or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page In the second stanza, Reeves compares the rough and stormy sea at night to an uncontrollable wet dog who â€Å"shakes his wet sides†. The waves crashing into the cliffs also bring to mind an image of a dog in a tub of water: When the dog moves, there are waves, and they crash upon the walls and tub, causing little droplets to fall back down into the tub. In the sea the waves, similarly, crash on the cliffs. The main twist in this poem takes place in the third stanza for the wild sea calms down as the seasons progress. In this stanza, the quiet, serene sea of Spring and Summer becomes a quiet sleepy dog with â€Å"his head between his paws / who lies on the sandy shores, / So quiet, so quiet, he scarcely snores†. The last stanza also draws attention to the fact about how serene the surroundings can be when the dog is asleep. Analysis of The Sea by James Reeves 1. This poem captures the different moods of nature and its extremes. Nature can be both beautiful and attractive, and terrible and dangerous. This is clearly seen in the depictions of both sea and dog: A hungry dog = The giant and grey stormy sea His clashing teeth and shaggy jaws = rough waves rolling on the beach He bounds to his feet ( ) shaking his wet sides = tempestuous high waves of the sea His head between his paws = gentle ebb and flow of waves in calm weather Both sea and dog have different moods at different times: On the one hand, the sea can be very serene and tranquil on summer days just as the dog can be so quiet that he is barely heard snoring. On the other hand, the sea can also be very dangerous in stormy nights when there are gales just as the dog can be uncontrollable when it’s in an energetic mood. 2. To give life to his poem, Reeves uses a number of literary tools. The poem is in fact famous for its lavish use of onomatopoeias, or sound words, to describe the poem vividly: â€Å"clashing†, â€Å"rumbling†, â€Å"roars†, â€Å"sniffs†, â€Å"snores† Throughout the poem, Reeves used one assonance of o and one alliteration of s. The assonance of o falls in line 14 And howls and hollows long and loud. The use of many os create a sound similar to echoes, which is similar to what the line is about. This could be referring to the echoes produced by dogs as they howl or the successive movement of the waves, one wave echoing another. In the last lines, lines 19-20, there is an alliteration/a case of consonance of s: â€Å"He lies on the sandy shores, / So quiet, so quiet, he scarcel y snores† Similar to the assonance, it reflects what the line is about. In this line, the sea-dog is sleeping. So, James Reeves used s abundantly to reflect the constancy when the dog is sleeping. Apart from the onomatopoeias, there is also a repetition of bones in line seven. This repetition reflects the constancy of the sound when the dog is gnawing on the juicy bone. The irregular rhythm: The irregular rhythm reflects the irregular motion of the sea, especially when it is uncontrollable. Notes on English Literature – C. Piscopo Page 3 James Reeves used several techniques in rhyming and rhythm to reflect what the poem is about. There is a special rhyme scheme throughout the poem, which is not strong at all. However, this rhyming reflects about the happenings in that corresponding stanza. For example, one can argue that the poem’s rhyme scheme in the last stanza, for example, reflects that the dog is sleeping and everywhere is serene and calm. The rhythm in the last stanza (each line), is 9, 9, 7, 7, 7. It is obvious that these numbers are constant, which corresponds to the happenings in the poem. The poet also uses a lot of enjambment throughout the poem. These cases of enjambment also reflect the flow and continuity of water.

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Engineering Springer Science Business Media -Myassignmenthelp.Com

Question: Discuss About The Engineering Springer Science Business Media? Answer: Introduction The re-designing of the Brisbane International Airport is a critical activity not just for the airport but for the nation as a whole. The proper designing, implementation, maintenance, planning, and analysis of the model are vital since it would help to understand the underlying functional aspects of the project.Figure 1 highlights the passenger growth trend that is expected to be achieved by the year 2034. Based on this prediction, the project has been re-designed so that the increased capacity of the people can be efficiently entertained by the airport service team (Aguila-Camacho, Duarte-Mermoud Gallegos, 2014). The focus had been on the environmental sustainability and operational sustainability to create the conceptual design of the airport. The main purpose o0f the re-designing model is to enhance the existing capacities in the association. As previously stated in the airports conceptual design, the airport facilities would be divided into two types namely the International ter minal and the National terminal which would enable the simpler flow of passenger traffic (Askeland Wright, 2013). Preliminary Design As per Awschalom, et al, the existing infrastructure of the Brisbane airport would have to undergo crucial change since it would encompass both the aviation-related development as well as the commercial-related development. In order to modify the transportation model to maximize the efficient movement of the passengers and cargo at the airport, its transport infrastructure would be strengthened to support the road infrastructure objectives (Awschalom, et al., 2013). This model would allow sufficient space for office, warehouse, aircraft maintenance facility, aviation education facility, car parking, etc. The airport precincts would be given a high level of emphasis so that these points could be used as places that could be used to generate a strong sense of community and identity.According to Baltimore, et al, the Airport Central would be an area reflecting high-quality retail, and commercial environment. It would basically allow the achievement of the critical amount of activity on a manageable range of development front (Baltimore, et al., 2015). Similarly, Airport South would include high-quality amenities and amazing motorway access. This modification would allow an efficient and flexible land option that would be linked to a good transport access. The main purpose of Airport East would be aviation maintenance and other aviation-support industries.Figure 2 highlights the areas of the Brisbane airport that would be covered in the re-designing plan (Bruce Clark, 2013). The redesigning model would be introduced to upgrade the overall performance and functional aspects of the airport so that the service could be delivered to the customers and passengers in a better way. The focus would be on the environmental priorities along with the operational priorities so that a positive model could be introduced. Detailed design and development This design process would cover different phases namely scoping, investigation and modeling, option assessment and preliminary designing. In the scoping phase, all the existing and relevant documents relating to the Airport infrastructure and the environmental features of the Brisbane Airport site would be reviewed (Deo, 2017). This process would be crucial since it would allow identifying the areas that require special attention and plans. The field investigations would comprise of field survey investigators, commissioning geotechnical officials, etc. The flood modeling and the existing drainage model would be tested and the geotechnical field data would be saved for future reference. The available design options would be assessed to understand and quantify the impact of the re-designing elements on the Airport environment, security aspects, aviation operations, etc. The existing details relating to the environmental conditions of the airport would play a major role to influence the preliminary designing process (Dunn, 2014).Various design iterations would be assessed in order to understand the relative impact of a number of key components that operate in this phase to enhance the project outcome. So the preliminary design and the documentation process of the project would be vitalto proceed with the designing options. System Test In order to touch upon the system test phase, it is necessary to understand the existing airport conditions relating to the site history, environmental condition, design requirements, and design considerations. The projects that have been undertaken in this Airport have significantly altered the natural environment such as the tidal creek diversions, and broad filling of the low-lying site, etc. (FairweatherTornatzky, 2013). This specific site has low ground elevation and there are various remnant creeks and constructed earth channels that are tidally influenced. The design requirements cover a number of aspects like the runway site, design aircraft, and traffic, runway length, taxiways, etc. Thus the construction staging is a vital area that needs to be taken care of while implementing the new project plan. Since the main objective of the re-designing of the Brisbane airport is to enhance and boost the aviation model, the designing has been made to extend the current capacity and improve the flexibility of the Airport operations. The new runway system that would be included in this project would be a full-length, dual parallel taxiway model that would run alongside the runway. Its purpose would be to enhance the service model of the Airport in order to meet its expected demand (Howatson, 2013). The dual link taxiway would be basically connecting the existing runways and the new runways so that the operations could be conducted in a smooth manner. This development would hopefully provide an impetus for constructing the duplication of the link taxiway. The layout of the spiral test has been used for the redesigning of Brisbane airport so that all the factors including the constraints, costs, risks, requirements, software product designing, etc can be taken into consideration. This life cycle model would be useful since it follows a risk-driven approach in the system process instead of the primary document-driven approach. Since the airport redesigning activity would encompass various areas such as the cost overruns, changed requirements, change in key personnel, hardware modifications, etc the crucial component of Spiral Model relating to the minimization of risks by the recurring application of prototypes would come in handy. Since at every stage, the risk analysis is performed, this system test model has been adopted for redesigning of Brisbane airport. The waterfall model that follows a straightforward approach to the system design life cycle would not work well in the redesigning process of the Brisbane airport since it would be ineffective particularly in case of interactive end-user applications. Evaluation In order to finish the entire designing phase, a number of elements were taken into consideration such as the geotechnical aspects, aircraft fleet, expected number of operations, etc.Based on them, the different rigid and flexible pavements have been adopted like the parallel taxiway, runway ends, sections of link taxiway, new parallel runway pavement, rapid exit taxiway, etc.Figure 3 highlights the runway and taxiway pavement layout of the Brisbane Airport that could strengthen the current performance of the airport (Litster Ennis, 2013). The testing model would help to focus on all the aspects of the new airport. The areas that would be undergoing changes in the new design would be highlighted. The layout that has been presented highlights the runway and taxiway pavement layout that would be redesigned to make to more functional in nature. This aspect would incur cost in millions since the transportation route would be redesigned and the airport drainage system would also be remodeled. But such changes would have a long-term impact on the functional aspects of the Brisbane airport. Similarly the airport personnel would have to be evaluated so that their technical skills and expertise could be upgraded. Validation Based on the redesigning model of the Brisbane airport, the latent features have been modeled so that the operations could be strengthened from the core. The engineering aspects would be critical since it would encompass the construction timing, adoption of the geotechnical design and the prevailing environmental features (Liu, et al., 2014). The operational and sustainable aspects would also be taken into account while carrying out the re-designing activity so that long-term changes could be introduced in the best possible manner. The existing development in the Airport and the specifications of the Airport site has been assessed so that the changes would have a minimum adverse impact on the functional aspects of the Airport (Lozano-Juste Cutler, 2014). The environmental considerations including the site location of the flora and fauna have been given high value in this re-designing process. The application of the major tidal channels during the construction and operational process of the runway have been considered to control t6he disturbance that occurs due to the existing drains and creeks. Special attention has been given to the size, and geometry of the proposed runway and taxiway (Sundarapandian, 2013). In the re-designing project, special attention has been given to the water quality management so that the optimum treatment of the water will be possible within the Airport drainage design. An integral change that would be introduced by this re-designing model is the new link between the existing runway and the new runway. It would enable the taxiing aircraft to move from the newly created runway to the already existing terminal while providing for its growth and expansion (Wang, Liu Li, 2014). Optimization The adopted design would bring about key changes in the Brisbane Airport infrastructure and it would also open new opportunities to enhance the security aspects of the airport. The overall functional aspects of the airport would get optimized in the process. Since major emphasis would be laid on the security aspects of the airfield, the re-designing model would make sure to enhance the prevailing security fencing model in the Airport. As the security provisions on the Australian Airport and subject to change, special attention would be paid while constructing the different kinds of fences or monitoring models (Vaidyanathan, 2015). The Airport lighting on the runway centerline would also be altered so that the same could help the pilots and other officials during the periods of low visibility. Currently, Brisbane Airport operates with an approach lighting model at both the ends of the runway. This lighting system could be upgraded so that the approach light structure could further enhance the visibility and help the pilots while landing or take-off. The changes that have designed would be introduced with the objective to simplify the operations at the Brisbane Airport and help the association to deal with the increase in the number of flyers or passengers (VaidyanathanRasappan, 2014). Conclusion The re-designing of the Brisbane airport is a vital necessity in the Australian nation due to the rise in the total number of flyers. With the increase in demand, the infrastructure and service process needs to undergo desired change so that it can meet the needs of the users in the most efficient manner. The re-designing model focuses on a number of internal and external areas relating to the airport. The ultimate purpose is to upgrade the existing facility and enhance the system. The particular design that needs to be implemented and developed in the Brisbane Airport covers various areas such as the development of the NRR development, Airside transporting facilities, and the formation of the improved processesso that the ultimate service process can be simplified and upgraded. The focus of the upgrade has been on the entire airport infrastructure so that the positive changes can be introduced in all the areas that need attention. The existing landscape features would undergo changes to match the changing demands and increase in a number of passengers. The re-designing model of the Brisbane Airport covers a number of key areas that can help to enhance the service quality of the Airport. But there are a number of areas that can be further improved in the process like the existing landscape features of the airport need to be further assessed to expand the infrastructure model. The environmental priorities need to be taken into accounting in the re-designing model. The climate aspects also need to be taken into consideration since these elements play a key role to influence the functional aspects of the airports and the inbuilt facilities. The changes that have been incorporated in the re-designing model must be introduced so that they can meet the long-term objective. Since a significant amount of financial resources would be involved in the process, the purpose must be to encompass the entire functional model of the Brisbane Airport. A key area that can be included in the new model is to have a better control over the aircraft noise and pollution. The community is a key stakeholder that needs to be considered in the re-designing model. The master plan must try to upgrade the airport service quality and improve the customer experience so that the ultimate objective of the system is achieved. Thus the implementation process would be critical to introduce the desired change in the Brisbane airport structure. References Aguila-Camacho, N., Duarte-Mermoud, M.A. and Gallegos, J.A., 2014.Lyapunov functions for fractional order systems.Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation,19(9), pp.2951-2957. Askeland, D.R. and Wright, W.J., 2013.Essentials of materials science engineering.Cengage Learning. Awschalom, D.D., Bassett, L.C., Dzurak, A.S., Hu, E.L. and Petta, J.R., 2013. Quantum spintronics: engineering and manipulating atom-like spins in semiconductors.Science,339(6124), pp.1174-1179. 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Litster, J. and Ennis, B., 2013.The science and engineering of granulation processes(Vol. 15). Springer Science Business Media. Liu, Q., Wang, Z., He, X. and Zhou, D.H., 2014.A survey of event-based strategies on control and estimation.Systems Science Control Engineering: An Open Access Journal,2(1), pp.90-97. Lozano-Juste, J. and Cutler, S.R., 2014.Plant genome engineering in full bloom.Trends in plant science,19(5), pp.284-287. Sundarapandian, V., 2013.Analysis and anti-synchronization of a novel chaotic system via active and adaptive controllers.Journal of Engineering Science and Technology Review,6(4), pp.45-52. Vaidyanathan, S., 2015. A novel chemical chaotic reactor system and its output regulation via integral sliding mode control.parameters,1, p.4. Vaidyanathan, S. and Rasappan, S., 2014. Global Chaos Synchronization of n-Scroll Chua Circuit and Lur'e System using Backstepping Control Design with Recursive Feedback.Arabian Journal for Science Engineering (Springer Science Business Media BV),39(4). Wang, D., Liu, D. and Li, H., 2014. Policy iteration algorithm for online design of robust control for a class of continuous-time nonlinear systems.IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering,11(2), pp.627-632.

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Ethical Delimma Case Essay Example

Ethical Delimma Case Essay People find it easier to cheat what is received as a large, faceless entity like a corporation or the government than to cheat a friend or acquaintance, experts say. Games, 2002) Ethics is so important within our society that most ethical values have been integrated into the laws of our land. Society has to have ethical behavior in order to keep the supportive order that has been set. An ethical dilemma is a situation in which a decision must be made about the appropriate behavior in which an Individual or company should make to support order. It will often Involve an apparent conflict between moral Imperatives, If obeyed this would result In one person transgressing another. The history of business In the united States is littered with tales of fraud, deceit and corruption, not only by the hands of a greedy few at the top, but also with the help of employees willing to go along with the charade. (Valentine 2002) Generally speaking, there are two major approaches that philosophers use in handling ethical dilemmas. One approach focuses on the practical consequences of what we do; the other concentrates on the actions themselves. However, there are six core ethical values hat have been established to assist society with ethical behavior. Trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship are the six examples of ethical standards. Unethical behavior is defined as conduct that is deferent from what others within or society believes to be appropriate behavior. There are many reasons why people act unethically. The most common reasons are that people have different ethical standard than those of society and people choose to act selfish. We will write a custom essay sample on Ethical Delimma Case specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Ethical Delimma Case specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Ethical Delimma Case specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer There are six steps to resolving ethical dilemma. The simple ethical framework approaches are to obtain the facts, identify the ethical issues from the facts obtained, determine who, what group or person is affected by the outcome of the dilemma, identify alternatives that the individual or persons who are Involved must use to resolve the dilemma, identify the consequences of these alternatives, and come to a decision about what is the appropriate action that should be taken to resolve the dilemma. The six-step process has been condensed by Thomas White, author and professor of business ethics and director of the Center for Ethics and Business at Loyola Martyrdom university in Los Angels by offering a three-step strategy. (Martinez, 2000-2007) First analyze the consequences, then analyze the action and finally make a decision. The general focus Is on the legal Issues of what must be done versus what ought to be done. Resolving ethical dilemmas In workforce Is a fundamental problem that almost every management has when the company has a Lovers set AT employees. Ease under 4-B Walton our text (Arenas, Elder, Ana Basely 108-109) presents an ethical dilemma for Barbara Whitley. She is faced with aging a decision about what is the appropriate behavior for the situation that she is presented with by Jack Bean. As being an auditor if she throws away the schedules as Jack (the supervisor) is suggestion she do, she is not conducting herself in a professional manner as society encourages the accounting profession to do for the public or client. Also, if she does not throw away the schedules this will likely cause difficulty among her and Jack. Using the six steps that assist in resolving dilemma listed previously. While resolving the dilemma, Barbara should be able to look into he background of the situation with an open mind, the origin of the dilemma and all the individuals involved within the conflict. She should also look for any missing information that might be of importance to solving the dilemma. Then, Barbara should begin by gathering the relevant facts which come from her work, because this may contain material information that should be disclosed. Her hard work should not Just be thrown away. The ethical issue is whether to throw away the schedules that contain the misstatements as Jack is telling her to do. Easy enough to discover hat all parties are affected. Barbara is affected because she is in violation of Rule 102 and her future with the firm may be affected and her performance evaluation by Jack will be affected more negatively than positive. Jack is affected because his future with the firm is affected as well as his performance evaluation of upper management. Green, Thresher and Company, Spas are affected because if the audit is completed late they will probably lose the appointment. If the client discovers the misstatement; they could also be sued for these material misstatements because they did not detect or disclose them. Delaney Fabrics will be affected, because they may not have the time to correct the misstatements, if they are not brought up in time. Therefore, additional cost will be incurred if they have to adjust their financial statements if the misstatements exist and are not reported. Next, Barbara has alternatives with consequences of throwing the schedules away and taking the chance that the client will discover the misstatements and sue. She can tell Jack that she is not going to throw the schedules away and she probably will not get a favorable review. Where possible, try to speak with your manager or someone else you trust when in doubt especially if the decision you have to make affects the company. Make sure that you dont assume that your company will tolerate you doing something wrong even if it benefits them. (Mueller, 2007) She could talk to upper management about what Jack ask her to do and she could be accepted for doing what she feels is ethically correct or rejected by them for going over Jacks head to them. She could stop working on the engagement and be labeled throughout her career as being a problem with co- errors. She could even quit the firm and miss out on great knowledge as being an auditor. Finally she should decide what the appropriate action is by discussing the matter in depth with Jack for understanding only because anything else would be a violation of Rule of Conduct 102. Telling Jack that she will speak with upper management is a good approach for Barbara. This will allow her to take the right steps of reproach for her professional field.